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iPhone 3G Metallic Slider Case

For the finest in sleek, durable protection, the Slider Case for iPhone 3G is made of hardshell plastic and features a minimal wall thickness of 1mm. Interior rubber guardrails provide shock absorption in addition to impact and scratch protection.

0 comment filed    8:21 pm    November 7th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Luxury, Mobile Accessories, iPhone    Tags: , , , ,
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Clarifi iPhone Case With Close-up Lens For iPhone 3G

Clarifi’s built-in lens gives your iPhone a boost in camera resolution.

Slide the Clarifi lens into place over the built-in lens of your iPhone. Your macro and close-up shots are instantly finer in detail, more accurate in color. With Clarifi’s lens, your iPhone can image an entire business card with astounding clarity. Slide the lens aside for normal photography. WIthout Clarifi, iPhone requires about 18 inches to focus properly. Slide Clarifi’s lens into place and you can move in to 4 inches for crisp detail and great pictures.

0 comment filed    11:17 pm    September 24th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Colette iPhone 3G Case

Only 200 worldwide for this exclusive iphone incase 3G case design for Colette by Kuntzel+Deygas.

0 comment filed    11:35 pm    August 30th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Skinizi: Funky Graphic iPhone Skins

If you want to give your iPod the personal touch, Skinizi do this for
you. Skinizi has a huge selection of really funky graphics, as shown
in the gallery, including skins for the iPhone and iPod Touch. they
are perfect for protecting your iPod .

They are paper thin, but will last longer than your iPod and are very
resistant to scratching and peeling especially important for the Touch
variety. The high quality skins are easy to apply (with no air
bubbles!), and are just as easy to remove. No residue.

0 comment filed    6:27 am    January 27th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Luxury, Mobile Design, iPhone    Tags: , ,
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Vaja Crystal 2 Case for iPhone

Vaja, maker of luxury leather goods, have released new cases which is called Crystal 2. Despide the name, it is made of soft green leather that its delicately engraved design retain the touch of luxury.
The Crystal 2 is specifically for the Apple iPhone with an open front for direct access to the device’s touchscreen. Prices start at $220 (£110) , with the usual myriad customisation options; you’re not restricted to the pale “Harbor” green shown.

0 comment filed    5:15 am    December 26th, 2007     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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