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Motorola AURA Luxury Phone

Motorola has gone glam with the Aura, a high-end luxury cellphone featuring a swivel design. What first gets your attention when seeing the Motorola AURA is its circular display and its stainless steel front pattern inspired by luxury watches.

0 comment filed    8:39 pm    November 7th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Motorola Sparrow

The Motorola Sparrow was conceived to provide retail stores with a mobile point of sale device. It combines a scanner, point of sale (POS) system, RFID, communication and credit card reading capabilities into one mobile device.

Both the front and back of the Sparrow are equipped with touch sensitive areas, supposedly making it easier to navigate and use. The entire unit can hang from a lanyard.

0 comment filed    10:34 pm    August 9th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Motorola Diamond Bluetooth Handset

Here is the world’s first real gold and diamond Bluetooth headset - the Diamond MOTOPURE H12.
Alexander Amosu created a luxury MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset.The limited edition headset, which is only available to custom order, is made from 18k gold and over 180 brilliant cut diamonds, totaling to a decent 3.47 carats.

0 comment filed    5:08 am    February 19th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Oscar Motorola ROKR E8

Again, Motorola is using Hollywood to garner publicity for one of its
products. Motorola today announced that the ROKR E8 music phone would
ship first to the US as a gift at the Oscars, making nominees the
first U.S. consumers to experience the product.

Each nominee received their ROKR E8 in a personalized, custom-made
box. Keeping up with the latest red carpet trends, the ROKR E8 arrived
encased in a keepsake box wrapped in an iridescent faux iguana print
with a contrasting, yet complimentary, textured inside. Female
nominees received a fashionable fuchsia colored box (with a rose pink
interior), while the male nominees received a handsome cobalt colored
blue (with a dusty blue interior) box. Each box was personalized with
the nominee’s name and category.

Despite the luxury treatment, the ROKR E8 itself is untouched and
features the same changeable interface, direct Windows Media Player 11
sync over USB, and stereo Bluetooth audio as the reference version.

0 comment filed    5:03 am    February 13th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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zzzphone: Custom Built Cell Phones

Thanks to the zzzphone, now customers can customize their cell phone
orders just like the way Dell allows people to customize their PCs.

Back in the early 1990s, Dell computers revolutionized the way we buy
and sell computers. Now in the 21st century zzzphone plans to
revolutionize the cell phone industry.

ZzzPhone is an American company with a factory in China that uses the
same high quality components as major brands Motorola, Nokia, Palm,
and Samsung.

0 comment filed    5:25 am    February 12th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Motorola’s Foldable/Rollable Phone

A newly patent application from Motorola has revealed a design for a
mobile that features a foldable / roll-upable display and keypad. this
concept is nothing new. The are quite a few of these gadgets on the
market or at least in late prototype stage but all of them have one
problem, flexible/rollable is by definition not rigid. And using the
phone with a keypad or display flapping in the wind, is not such a
good idea.

0 comment filed    5:46 am    January 30th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Platinum Motorola KRZR

GoldStriker has just announced their Platinum Motorola KRZR for those who want the extra bling of platinum and crystals. It costs 600 UKP ($1200) and will be released on February 21st on

0 comment filed    10:05 pm    January 21st, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Motorola ROKR E8

From talk to music in one touch, ROKR E8 features cutting-edge, easy-to-use controls that allow a smooth transition from phone to MP3 player to imaging device.

Motorola designed ROKR E8 to deliver an uncompromised consumer experience for music or talk. Using breakthrough ModeShift technology from Motorola, the quad-band GPRS/EDGE device presents users with only the controls they need, at the time they need them, instantly transforming from music player to phone to imaging device with the touch of a button. Simply move a thumb across the FastScroll navigation wheel to search for music (music mode), contacts (phone mode), calendar (phone mode) and multimedia (imaging mode). A perfect blend of art and science, the face of the E8 is a sleek, seamless panel that features the first haptic touch pad from Motorola, which provides vibrating, tactile feedback when the user touches virtual buttons.

0 comment filed    5:46 am    January 12th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition

A good news for some diehard Ferrari and Moto fans, Motorola Z8 Ferrari Limited Edition will arrive soon.

The design is still the same except for the red and black color layout and a ferrari logo.In addition it comes bundled with 2 Ferrari vedeos, pre-registration to the official ferrari site(, custom Ferrari wallpapers and ringtons, direct links to online magazines like Top Gear, Auto Express, GQ, Esquire and Auto Sport, and a bundled ” The Bourne Identity” movie.

0 comment filed    5:57 am    December 22nd, 2007     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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