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Archive for the ' Mobile gadgets ' Category

Freehands Leather For iPhone

Freehands ~ gloves in leather, stretch, fleece ~ with thumb/forefinger hoods for iphone/bberrying in the cold.

Leather Freehands are lined with micro-fleece making them warm in addition to being stylish and wind resistant.

0 comment filed    2:44 am    October 21st, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Mobile Projector Phone

On “Mobile Projector Phone” anything on screen can be projected onto a wall. There’s support for real time conferencing tho the camera faces the ceiling when in projector mode so I guess you’ll look like some floating head from the viewer’s perspective.

Users can enjoy an array of multimedia this way, everything from videos, maybe video games, and TV.

0 comment filed    10:31 pm    August 9th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Maple Wooden Phone Concept

Mobile phone makers are constantly looking for new ways of creating an even tighter emotional bond with your phone. Designers Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee have created a camera phone concept covered in thin wooden film. The Maple handset is made out of African Blackwood. This cool looking handset measures 4.5 x 10.4 x 9.8 cm and rocks an MP3 player, digital camera and basic functions like calling or texting. This unique handset has the display that is placed at the back, revealing itself as you slide the handset.

0 comment filed    7:58 pm    August 4th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Bic Phone

Bic phone | the cell phone of disposable Bic, in partnership with Orange. In partnership with the European operator of mobile and Orang, has just launched a mobile ‘disposable’ that has been loaded with the SIM card and 60 minutes of links, which should be used in up to 2 months.

The design as you perceive is not that great (the hardware is not deseignvolvido by Bic, but by Alcatel) and its main and only functions are: to make and receive calls, send and listen to radio torpedoes. It comes in two colors (green lemon and orange) and the number that comes with the unit is valid for only 12 months.

0 comment filed    6:00 am    July 15th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Edition BatPhone

Super cool batphone in the shape of the Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Edition that is sure to get batman fans everywhere drooling.

The Nokia 6205 Dark Knight edition is coming soon. The black flip phone with the movie’s logo on the back comes loaded with the trailer, as well as themed wallpapers, ringtones and screensavers. It also comes in white, if you hate Batman as much as Harvey Dent. The 6205s have 1.3MP cameras with flash, microSD slots expandable to 4GB, and external music controls.

0 comment filed    5:09 am    June 14th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Datexx SuperBattery

Digital storage has become ever increasing and one thing that may perhaps be hindering their outbreak is the fact that they do not have the luxury of power overall. Power sources are the issue at hand and apparently through this hand cranked USB power charger, all of these are bound to change soon.

600mA Mega Power Battery provides instant power Like carrying one extra cell phone battery on the go.

Datexx SuperBattery can be your back-up power supply for cell phone, iPod, Blackberry and more. The Datexx Super Battery is the only product that has a direct USB connection to charge any USB device and also includes Motorola Razr power tip. Free Mail in for your custom tip order

Emergency Cell phone Power Supply
The pre-charged SuperBattery can support your cell phone for up to 10 hours of talk time. Fully charge the unit before you leave for work or travel, and the SuperBattery will give you up to 4 hours of cell phone talk time, 36 hours on standby and 5 hours iPod play time. In addition, the built-in crank gives you a second source of unlimited power to direct charge your cell phone ,iPhone, Blackberry, iPod.

0 comment filed    11:41 pm    June 9th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Ferrari F1 Phone

Ferrari model? Car toy? No, no, it just is a cell phone! ! Before getting it who would have thought the phone with car appearance? So before you go spend $400,000 on a Ferrari, consider copping the car-shaped F1 Phone instead.

The F1 Phone, designed to resemble the Ferrari, even has some moderately impressive specs for a novelty cellphone. Offering dual-band support (900/1800 MHz), a 2.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD display with 260k colors, a music player with equalizer, a video player, a camera for maximum picture size of 1280 x 1024 pixels and even a video recorder, along with an assortment of other goodies. You can get yours for around $190.

0 comment filed    8:11 pm    April 12th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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MSV Concept Phones

At CTIA 2008 in Las Vegas, Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) unveiled 2 concept phone devices designed by Altitude that integrates satellite telephony technology into packages equivalent to everyday mobile phones.

0 comment filed    8:08 pm    April 12th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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G108 Classic Watch Phone

For on-the-go business travelers who are looking for an alternative to cell phones, the Cool G108 should do the trick.

The Cool G108 is both a phone and a watch. But wait, there’s more - it also has a 1.3-megapixel camera, multimedia player, Bluetooth, 0.5MB of built-in memory and a MMS expansion slot! You’ll also find USB connectivity and a smallish external display.

0 comment filed    10:21 pm    April 9th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Data Extractor SIM Card Readers

Have you ever wished you can spy on your wife, husband, teens, or an employer who needs to see what someone is up to? Are they being suspicious when on their cell phone? This SIM card spy software and hardware solution can tap into all files on a cell phone SIM card for viewing, saving or editing. Devices like this make it easy for anyone to snoop, so you should take privacy and security a lot more seriously on your mobile device .

0 comment filed    3:25 am    April 5th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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