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Power Monkey Solar Charger


If you are out and about with your mobile devices one worry always prevails, what if I run out of charge. The Power Monkey Explorer Solar Charger fixes that problem. It can charge gadgets anywhere there is sunshine.

Power Monkey can be charged anywhere there’s sunshine, via wall adapter or USB!
• The kit includes a universal mains travel charger with interchangeable heads for use in 150 countries

The solar charger provides short-circuit, over-charging, and over-discharging protection

It stores up to 96 hours of reserve power for cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3s, PSPs, iPhones and most electronic devices

Product Details:
The PowerMonkey Explorer Solar Charger lets you take “charge” of your life in your hands, literally. Its hand-held size gives you the freedom to charge your important accessories anywhere you want, whenever you want. Make sure your powermonkey has full power at all time by charging it with the handy solar-slave, which can be attached to a rucksack, hung from a window, left in a car or taken anywhere the sun shines. Cell phones, iPods, cameras and many other electronic devices can be charged as needed. Specifically designed for the outdoor environment, this solar charger is powerful, portable, tough and water-resistant. Enjoy convenience and security with up to 1 year of stand-by reserve power.

Compatible with the majority of standard mobile phones & electronic devices including:

* Nokia & mini Nokia
* Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson & more!
* USB connectors power up iPods and accessories, MP3players, PDAs, smart mobile phones, digital cameras,games consoles, BlackBerrys, Bluetooth headsets and many more digital devices
* iPod (3rd,4th,5th Gen), Mini, Nano, Photo, Video, Shuffle, and iPhone!
* Includes mains travel charger for use in 150 countries -110V to 240V
* Solar-slave + powermonkey-eXplorer = 2 reusable sources of power (no batteries needed)
* Water-resistant, rubberised design - a power source for every adventure
* Powermonkey-eXplorer has an LCDscreen that displays battery capacity and level of charge in the powermonkey

Product Features:
• Only 2.4 oz yet with 2-3 times the power of a regular cell phone
• Take reserve power with you. Up to 1-year standby charge
• Specifically designed for the outdoor environment: tough and water-resistant.
• Connectors included for the majority of digital cameras and mobile phones
• USB connector included for iPods, MP3 players, PDA’s, and many more digital devices
• Shaped to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can hold your powermonkey and phone in one hand – making calls while phone is being charged
• LEDs indicate charging status
• Power Monkey Explorer Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 38 mm. Weight: 83g
• Power Monkey Explorer Battery Capacity: 2200mA. Output Current: 700mA max
• Solar Slave Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 10mm when folded. Weight: 82g
• Solar Slave Output Voltage: 5V. Output Current: 200mA


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