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Tellme: Web 2.0 Mobile Search Application


Tellme is downloadable mobile application, currently for Blackberry phones, that uses voice recognition to search for the nearest movie theatre, retail store, restaurant or coffee shop all based on your location. You simply press the talk button, say a keyword like “coffee,” and wait for a list of coffee shops near you to appear on your screen.

Call 1-800-555-TELL and search for any business in the United States, by business name or type of business, such as “Starbucks” or “Coffee”. Hear your results and say “Text Me the Info” to get a text message sent to you with the address, phone number and a map.

The information displayed will include the address, phone number, driving directions, and the option to share the location with others in your phone book.

When you do a search for movie theatres the results include the option to buy tickets, the movie times, list of new releases, and even movie ratings.

With Tellme, you also get driving directions, traffic conditions, weather, maps, news and more. The service pulls all this information straight from Microsoft’s Live Search, Live Search Maps, Fandango and others.

Unfortunately, Tellme is currently only available for Blackberry and Helio phones, but a representative of the company tells me it will eventually be available for other phones in the future. To download the application, just go to on your mobile’s browser and follow the instructions.


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