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Archive for ' April, 2008 '

Tellme: Web 2.0 Mobile Search Application

Tellme is downloadable mobile application, currently for Blackberry phones, that uses voice recognition to search for the nearest movie theatre, retail store, restaurant or coffee shop all based on your location. You simply press the talk button, say a keyword like “coffee,” and wait for a list of coffee shops near you to appear on your screen.

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DECT 6.0 LS6117 phone

DECT 6.0 GHz Digital cordless phone with caller ID and handset speakerphone.

VTech Communications announced several new trendy cordless phones, including one model with customizable graphics.

Inspired by skateboard and snowboard designs, the DECT 6.0 LS6117 ($44.95) lets you change the look of the phone with one of five design inserts provided. Or, if you’re artistically inclined, you can go to to create and print your own design. In addition, the LS6117 has a large LCD display with white backlighting, selectable ring tones, and is Wi-Fi friendly.

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Bury Unwanted Cell Phone, Grow a Flower

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cell Phone Grows Flowers on Disposal.

Bury your old cell phone which will then grow into a flower. Surreal, perhaps, but a research project is developing this eco-cool technology at this very moment.

UK’s University of Warwick’s Warwick Manufacturing Group working in co-operation with PVAXX Research and Development Ltd disposing of your old, unwanted cell phone could not only become a great deal more eco-friendly but it could also result in a new flower strutting its stuff in your garden.

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Lucky Dragon Cell Phone

The Lucky Dragon phone was inspired by elements of Chinese design traditionally believed to bring about financial abundance.

As a mobile phone, this one’s pretty standard. The interface is simple, but effective. The screen isn’t all that fantastic, given its 176 x 220 resolution, and the camera’s laggy. It has 6MB of built-in user memory, but that can be augmented thanks to its microSD card slot. Overall, we’d have to say it gets things done without hassle and should be sufficient for ordinary use.

It was designed by best-selling author Lillian Too who writes about Feng Shui and is also an avid follower of the ancient Chinese practice.

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Buddhist Nokia N70

This first of its kind Buddhism mobile phone is a heavily customized Nokia N70 that is decorated with numerous Buddhist aesthetics that makes for the ultimate religious phone.

The phone features 24 K gold plating, a Buddha on the back and intricate carvings and religious symbols all over. It also has custom Buddhist wallpapers and prayer ringtones that carry on with the theme.

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The Scroll Touch Screen Phone

Sure, there’s plenty of far fetched concept devices from big players like Nokia, but it’s nice to see that folks without millions of dollars in research funding can also come up with equally unrealistic devices, as evidenced by this so-called “Scroll” contraption created by 13 Tech Design

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian and Greek scrolls, the Scroll packs some powerful punches. It is a touchscreen mobile phone with a 10 megapixel camera and 1080p camcorder, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, advanced multimedia features. Oh, and a full-fledged computer that runs Windows Vista or XP.

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Jabra’s BT3030 Bluetooth Headset

This year Jabra has proved its innovative genius again with the introduction of its latest BT3030 Stereo Bluetooth headset that is shaped as a ‘dog tag’. The BT3030 hangs around your neck, or can be clipped onto a bag or jacket for easy access.

With a built-in microphone and six buttons for sending / ending calls and controlling music playback, it’s convenient and readily accessible to your hands.

0 comment filed    4:23 am    April 15th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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Blackberry 9000

A new cell phone from Blackberry. The BlackBerry 9000 .

Basically the exterior design seems very iphone like with its sleek black face and chromed out edge… and the simple white on black icons.

This is just what’s known at this point, although these details have yet to be confirmed as final specifications. One of the BlackBerry 9000 devices will sport a screen with the dimensions of 480 x 320 (or maybe that’s 320 x 480), 1GB of on-board memory, and an Intel XScale PXA270 processor at 624MHz, clocking in slightly faster than the 620MHz ARM 1173 processor found in the iPhone. The BlackBerry 9000 will also sport the dual-threat of GPS and WiFi as well as introducing 3G support (multi-band HSDPA) to the GSM carrier family devices, answering the prayers of many of us. At this point in time, there’s no update to the camera, which remains at 2 megapixels, although we’re hearing there is the possibility of seeing a 3.2 megapixel camera at launch.

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Samsung Fitness Phone

There is no need for personal coach any more. your mobile coach you!

Samsung created a phone for the fitness buff called the FIT. This cellphone comes outfitted with a tracking devise for your heartbeat. But that is just the beginning. The FIT offers a computerized trainer or program which, based on the users specifications, designs fitness plans, tells you how many calories you have burned, gives you diets lists and professional trainers’ techniques.

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Ferrari F1 Phone

Ferrari model? Car toy? No, no, it just is a cell phone! ! Before getting it who would have thought the phone with car appearance? So before you go spend $400,000 on a Ferrari, consider copping the car-shaped F1 Phone instead.

The F1 Phone, designed to resemble the Ferrari, even has some moderately impressive specs for a novelty cellphone. Offering dual-band support (900/1800 MHz), a 2.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD display with 260k colors, a music player with equalizer, a video player, a camera for maximum picture size of 1280 x 1024 pixels and even a video recorder, along with an assortment of other goodies. You can get yours for around $190.

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