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What Your Smartphone Says About You


It’s time to play the “What Your Phone Says About You” game one more time. Last year, with the help of some research, I put together a list of characteristics that describe the type of person who would typically carry a certain fashion phone, along with the celebrities who have them just for fun. For example, those who had a RAZR were typically seen as fashion conscious, individualistic, and fun seekers. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rachael Bilson, and Micha Barton were all sporting one at the time, which seemed to reinforce the stereotype.

Recently, I came across a similar report on MSNBC, except this one focused on the latest smartphones a little bit more. The ones mentioned here, and probably the most popular, were the Blackberry, the Treo, Sidekick and the iPhone. MSNBC contacted representatives from each company and other experts to give their opinion on the type of user they think each product attracts, and here’s what they had to say:


Who uses it: A favorite among financial professionals, event planners, government and law enforcement, salespeople and journalists, but newer models are much more appealing to a wider spectrum of people, including soccer moms, says Mark Guibert, RIM’s vice president of corporate marketing.

What it says about you: The article doesn’t really say, but words like addiction, withdrawl, and constantly connected were thrown around, which lead us to believe Blackberry users are people who like to be in constant contact with their office. Guibert adds that, “BlackBerry users tend to quickly become addicts, and a range of named afflictions have followed, from ‘BlackBerry thumb’ (a repetitive stress problem) to ‘phantom BlackBerry syndrome,’ ” when a user isn’t carrying the device, but feels the hip buzz anyway.”


Who uses it: The Treo is a favorite among publicists and artsy self-starters. Educators, financiers, government, healthcare workers, lawyers, and realtors vie for the device. Dolleen Casey, a spokesperson for Palm says, “Generally, Treo buyers tend to be mobile professionals around ages 35-54, across a variety of industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to banking and law.”

What it says about you: Treo users “tend to be more organization-minded than, say, iPhone or Sidekick buyers” says Avi Greengart, New Jersey-based research director of mobile devices for Current Analysis


Who uses it: Publicists, talent managers, event/party planners, promoters, writers, business moguls, musical artists, DJs, actors, professional athletes, young entrepreneurs, and college students.

What it says about you: Sidekick users are “considered an influencer within their peer group, multi-cultural background and/or friends, early-adopter with music and gadgets, always on the go, has a large (social) network that they always need to be connected; multitaskers, tech-savvy and always in the know with what’s hot.” says Jackson Jeyanayagam, a publicist for Waggener Edstrom.


Who uses it: Apple aficionados and iconoclasts looking for a completely different way of interacting with a ’smart’ device. Everyone who’s anyone has one, including high-profile users.

What it says about you: You want the latest and the greatest. You’re big on entertainment, and you want the best integration of music and iTunes content because you’re familiar with that system.


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