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Dell Alienware Android Phone


This phone has a fan art. Not a design of an actual phone. Here’s a proposed cell phone that’s centered around Dell’s Alienware brand. It would feature some nice gaming options, and would run on Google’s Android platform. Dell would produce it under the Alienware banner
because let’s face it, Dell Computers aren’t exactly trendy.

Some features of it, are as follow:

.Classic Alienware eye catching design
.Large screen with high resolution
.Superb video gaming capability
.Fantastic Audio
.Built on the Google Android platform

This phone would have the striking design to make an impression in a mobile market dominated by fashion phones, it would instantly be the coolest phone on the market thanks to the popularity of the Alienware brand, it would have the marketing muscle of Dell behind it to push it beyond its established niche and into the mainstream, and it would be the mobile gamer’s dream, just as video gaming on mobile phones is starting to enter the picture.

To add to the excitement there have been rumours recently that Dell and Google are on the point of making a surprise announcement at the 3GSM World Mobile Congress with speculation growing over an iPhone-challenging mobile device.


leave a response    5:56 am    February 29th, 2008     posted by : admin    Permalink   RSS
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